Services Offered


Directly to adopted adults and birth relations of adopted adults:
Intermediary services

Via local authorities and for adopted adults:
Birth Records Counselling for adults adopted before 12th November 1975 who want to apply for their original birth certificates.

Access to Information from adoption files.

Other Services

Intermediary Services to adults separated from family members for a variety of reasons.

Charlotte is also experienced at undertaking Assessments for Prospective Adopters
and can undertake this service independently for Local Authorities and Adoption
Agencies. Charlotte Bruce-Lloyd is a Registered Independent Social Worker with 15
years experience of working with families. Charlotte has worked within Local Authority
Children’s Services since 2004, working within Child Protection and Family Services.

Charlotte has worked within the Post-Adoption field for her Local Authority. Charlotte
has been working as an Independent Social Worker in a full time capacity since 2015. Charlotte’s work has encompassed all aspects of reunion, both in the UK and abroad.

Charlotte can be contacted via email, telephone or in writing and is able to work with
people who are not based in the United Kingdom. Charlotte will use video calling to
keep in touch with clients who are not UK based.

Version 2Charlotte is delighted to be working with Ariel Bruce and together they undertake all the research and intermediary work for ITV’s ‘Long Lost Family’. The BAFTA- award-winning British television series has been aired on ITV since 21st April 2011 and is made by the production company Wall to Wall. Charlotte currently provides intermediary services for ‘Long Lost Family’ and anticipates continuing to work with the programme.

Ariel Bruce is a Registered Independent Social Worker. Ariel has worked since 1985 for
people who have been affected by adoption and who wish to trace a birth relation.
She also works for others who have become separated from a family member by circumstances such as divorce or emigration. Ariel also works for people wishing to trace long-lost friends.

Charlotte also works with Carolynne Bull , who has been registered as an Adoption Support Agency since 2006 and has been awarded an
Outstanding in her last two OFSTED inspections. She is registered with Ofsted as Adoption Support Agency number 1234951.

Carolynne has experience of working with all three corners of the Adoption Triangle for the last 17 years both as a Counsellor specialising in adoption issues and as an Intermediary.

Media Work

Long Lost Family

Charlotte has worked with Ariel Bruce to trace and make contact with missing family
members for ITV’s  Long Lost Family . Charlotte works as the specialist ASA for Long
Lost Family and has been involved with the programme since 2014. Charlotte was
delighted to complete Series 8, which started broadcasting in July 2018 and is already
hard at work on Series 9.

Charlotte appeared on episode 7 of latest series of Long Long Family which was
broadcast on Tuesday 28th August 2018.

Long Lost Family, which is presented by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, swept the
boards by winning a BAFTA [British Academy of Film and Television Arts] Television award, for best Feature. The Arquiva BAFTA 2014 presentation was held on Sunday 18th May 2014 at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Long Lost Family Series 2 previously won the prestigious  Royal Television Society  [RTS] Programme Awards for 2012 in the Popular Factual and Features category.

Hotel Reunion

Charlotte has been delighted to work behind the scenes on a forthcoming television
programme for the Welsh language channel S4C. Charlotte worked as an intermediary
for Hotel Reunion, a Welsh language reunion television programme made by Darlun’