Long Lost Family Episode 7, Series 8, Feat. Charlotte Bruce-Lloyd

Charlotte Bruce-Lloyd has been working as a Social Worker and Intermediary for all of Long Lost Family’s eight series. Working with her colleague Ariel Bruce and team, charlotte conducts social work and intermediary services for the ITV show, helping them to create the emotional stories that make the programme such a hit.

After many seasons in the wings, episode 7 of the latest Long Lost Family series sees Charlotte on screen explaining the reunification process. Broadcast on Tuesday 28th August 2018, the episode focuses on Maureen, who had been trying to find her brother Keith for 40 years. Keith was adopted at birth, with Maureen running into dead end after dead end in her search.

You can watch Episode 7 here – Click Here (Charlotte appears at 32 mins)

After getting in touch with the Long Lost Family team, Maureen’s case was taken up by Ariel and the search team, who set about tracing Keith. Little did anyone know, that this search would take them to Australia, where Keith had been living for 4 years, and now had 3 children and 8 grandchildren!

Through the search work of Ariel and her team, and intermediary services of Charlotte, Maureen and Keith are reunited in the UK. However the story doesn’t end there, as Keith wants to know more about the birth mother who gave him up all those years ago.

This type of search work requires dedicated time pouring over birth records, for which expert help is needed. In this episode of Long Lost Family we see Charlotte explain to Keith how to pull apart search data, and piece together the circumstances which led to his being given up for adoption.

You can catch up on Long Lost Family Series 8 on the ITV hub by clicking on this link – www.itv.com.

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