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What is an Adoption Intermediary?

An Adoption Intermediary is trained and experienced in understanding the hopes and expectations of people seeking contact and reunion with relations lost through adoption. The Intermediary will ensure that the person asking for the service is fully prepared for the wide range of possible responses that may be received from the relation, who will be approached with great care and sensitivity.

The Intermediary will be open to any response from the person approached and will seek to offer support and understanding to them.

Intermediaries are aware that such an approach may be a surprise and cause concern, so they will take great care not to exert pressure to proceed in any specific manner or to agree to direct contact.

Intermediaries will listen carefully to the views and feelings of everyone involved; they will also use their skills and knowledge to achieve an outcome which is acceptable to all and which will avoid distress.

An Intermediary will act on behalf of all parties involved and will help to facilitate direct communication at a pace that seems right for all of the people involved; they will relay views between parties in a sensitive and confidential manner.

Any contact agreed to by all parties can be facilitated by your Intermediary and will ensure that the hopes and wishes of all parties are realised.