“From making initial contact to Charlotte she was sensitive, understanding and very sympathetic towards us. Charlotte guided and counselled me through the whole process of trying to find my brother, she really did help me and my brother through a very difficult and emotional time. I know that this is part of the reason that my brother decided that he would like to have contact with us. The outcome for our family has been absolutely amazing, it has changed our lives.”
P.M August 2018

“The joy I feel is still so over whelming , the void I had for so many years has been filled .
I have met my adorable sister which I dearly cherish and have such sibling love for her .
We have so much in common from resemblance and characteristics.”
A.P March 2018

“I found Charlotte helpful friendly, and supportive. My search was a success and I felt if it had not been she prepared me for what ever may have happened! Thank you so much for all you have done – I should have done it years ago!”
M.S. June 2018 reunited with her sister.

“I come away from this experience remembering Charlotte’s kindness most. She always made time to listen to me. She read my mad-long emails and responded thoughtfully. She made me feel heard and safe. Between my unknown family and me, there was Charlotte no matter the outcome of the trace. I’ll never forget her role in the most important time of my life.”
A.P. September 2017

“I thought I had hired Charlotte for her services to find my daughter, which she did. I then found that the true value of her services was in facilitating and helping us navigate the initial contacts and establishing the framework for our ongoing relationship. I cannot speak highly enough of her for this support and guidance. To say you have performed something of a miracle is an understatement.”
Birth mother, July 2017

“Again thank you sooooo much.
Our lives have changed forever over the weekend

Thank you, Thank you, thank you.”
R.B. January 2017 

“In 9 days my 4 siblings who you contacted both in the UK and USA are arriving in South Africa to meet me. It is so unbelievable Charlotte. I know that this is happening only as a result of the professional, gentle, caring, honest and passionate way that you handled my case.”
P.A. South Africa

“Thanks again for everything so far this means so much”
L.B. Gibraltar

“I would like to Express my gratitude and thanks to you personally because without you, none of this would’ve happened………….I don’t know how you did it but I do thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have brought joy and happiness to our life. Once again thank you very much.”
I.El-H. London

“I am writing to express my gratitude …… I was impressed by the continued support I received from Lottie.”
N.M. Scotland